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Estate  Administration

Personal Representative, Probate Filings, and Tax Returns

In addition to estate planning, the firm provides all the legal services necessary to administer estates.  Our attorneys will prepare the documents necessary to have a fiduciary (Executor/Administrator) appointed by the relevant Probate Court; advise and assist the fiduciary to collect and inventory probate assets, reregister bank and securities accounts, pay all debts and expenses of the estate, distribute estate assets pursuant to the terms provided for in the Will, Trust, or by statute, and prepare all required probate court filings and all required Federal and State estate tax, gift tax, and income tax returns.

In a society focused on efficiency, because of our tax knowledge, our firm also is able to prepare all necessary estate tax returns and fiduciary income tax returns.  By having the legal and tax work involved in the estate administration process done at one place, the client avoids the duplication of services by accountants and attorneys, which often result in lower total fees and reduced stress by not having to coordinate and replicate time-sensitive tasks.  By advising, consulting and doing what needs to be done in a timely and efficient manner, the fiduciary’s and family’s burden is eased during this difficult time.

  • Estate Administration
  • Estate and Fiduciary Tax Return Preparation (Forms 706, M-706, 792, M-792, 1041 and 2, etc.)

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